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sound design

Explorations in sound design can lead to some crazy places! At Solar Powered Studies, we explore all dimensions of sound design to cater to producers, visual artists, and podcasters.

Sample Packs

The Digital Speakeasy

A multi-sensory experience which premiered on 2/24/2020

Click here to download the sample pack.

Purple Planet
Sample Packs

Cooking in Space

Recorded and produced by botanicus and Exogenesis

Cooking in Space Demo
00:00 / 00:17
Click here to download the sample pack.
Donations support the creation of more sample packs :D
Colorful Abstract Shapes
For Podcasts

Examples from the Spirit Woke Podcast including original recordings,

custom synthesis, and special effects.

Spirit Woke Snippet 1
00:00 / 00:08
Spirit Woke Snippet 2
00:00 / 00:22

Learn more about our podcast production services.

Have an idea for a project that needs unique sounds or just want to learn more? 

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