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Powered by solar energy, we offer our clients a suite of personalized audio production services. With trained ears, a wide breadth of experience, and technical aptitude, we ensure that our clients' works reach pinnacle quality while receiving excellent customer service. Since its founding in 2019, Solar Powered Studios has provided consulting and production services to 5 podcasts, 200+ mixing/mastering projects, and numerous fine arts performers.


We cater to musicians, businesses, record labels, and fine arts performers. Our works have appeared in burlesque shows, aerial performances, personal projects, and corporate/community podcasts. Record label signings include Delve Deeper, Tibetania Records, S&S Records, Phunk Junk Records, Comsmography Records, Down Right Dirty Records, 4Matt Productions, Friday Rush Records, and more.

Nick Perko

CEO, Producer, M+M Engineer, Sound Designer

Nick's musical journey began at the age of 8 when he was invited to play drums at a neighbor's home. The very first beat ignited a love for drums and percussion that soon morphed into an obsession for composing music. Nick wrote his first songs for violin while in Suzuki class in 3rd grade and soon composed his first electronic pieces. By 6th grade, Nick knew that percussion was his calling. By progressing through formal percussion training and playing in marching band and winter drumline, Nick applied his classical learnings to his own music to write over 50 songs by the end of high school.


With a solid foundation in music theory and mallet percussion performance, Nick started playing gigs and continued writing music while attending college at the University of Minnesota for bio-products engineering. A love for the environment blossomed alongside his music production, thus inspiring the birth of his moniker, botanicus, and quest to manifest the music of the natural world. After working in biofuel production for a few years, Nick decided to follow his deep musical passions while elevating environmental causes. He founded Solar Powered Studios with the mission to help clients' projects achieve the highest possible quality with minimal environmental impact.


Hungry for more, Nick extended his knowledge, experience, and credentials by completing the Sound Design and Mixing & Mastering programs at Slam Academy in Minneapolis. Signings on Phunk Junk Records, Downright Dirty Records, Tibetania/M-Sol Records, and Delve Deeper soon followed as botanicus held residencies at Dance Church Minneapolis, Ginger Hop, and Soundwaveradio.

Listen to the music of botanicus at botanicusmusic.com

Solar Powered Studios Katie Strand

Katie Strand

Vocalist, Ghost Writer, Film Producer, Instrumentalist

Katie has a colorful history and extensive portfolio on both sides of the camera and microphone. She has written a treasure trove of original music in which she sings, plays guitar, and plays piano. As an Emmy-nominated documentary Film Producer, Katie has written, produced, and directed for HBO, PBS, NBC, MTV, Fox, BBC and over 20 national commercials, including an HBO/Time Warner Super Bowl commercial.

Katie is the principal voice actress for Solar Powered Studios. For audiobooks or podcasts, Katie can give your project the voice it needs: clean and clear, sultry and sexy, or quirky and ridiculous.


Listen to her voiceover for the Persevere Podcast (powered by Checkable Medical and produced by Solar Powered Studios), with theme music by Smoke & Mint (Nick Perko and Denis Terzic).

IntroPersevere Podcast
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With Katie on the team, Solar Powered Studios offers a full suite of media production capability for organizations wanting to create positive impacts in our world.

Check out Katie's latest project for Neighborhood Forest!

What is something you do to reduce your environmental impact?

"Ride my bike, a lot, instead of turning on the heat."

What is your favorite thing to do in the sun?

"Stand-Up-Paddleboarding and yoga on the paddleboard, because falling in is fun, especially on a hot, sunny day!"

Denis Terzic

Producer, Jingle Writer, Podcast Sound Designer
Analog-Digital Mastering Engineer

Denis is a Minneapolis-based artist who produces house, techno, and downtempo electronica under the monikers ULA, DTOK, and Smoke & Mint. After a decade of studying classical guitar and performing in rock bands, Denis transitioned to producing after rekindling a life-long love of electronic music inspired by the likes of Daft Punk, Flying Lotus, Royksopp, Jon Hopkins, LCD Soundsystem, and Radiohead.

Over the last 3 years, Denis has been writing and licensing commercial production music in various styles for videos, podcasts, and corporate branding. Denis' experience also spans recording/mixing bands, editing broadcast radio shows, and analog-digital mastering.

Denis' role at Solar Powered Studios supports theme composition for podcasts/audiobooks, analog-digital audio mastering, and any sound design project you can think of.

What is something you do to reduce your environmental impact?

"If I can afford it, I always think twice before buying the cheapest option of a product/gadget/whatever - metal parts are replaced with plastic and the lifetime is often shorter and more difficult to fix so ultimately more waste ends up in landfills. There are pros and cons to the entire situation, but this is one thing I do to try and go green in the long run."

What is your favorite thing to do in the sun?

"Drink beer and watch some local bands rock out!"

Listen to some of Denis' theme songs and logos below.

Loungy Jam
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Inspiring Theme
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Clean Corporate Logo
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EDM Brass Logo
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Solar Powered Studios Denis Terzic


Voice Actor

Michael Charbonneau's mission and slogan are to take the crowd from "underground to uplift." If you are lucky enough to experience one his DJ sets, you will understand. Charbonneau's experience as a radio show host complements his natural talent to project his voice clearly and confidently. We are blessed to have Charbonneau as Solar Powered Studios' principal male voice actor.

Listen to Charbonneau's voiceover for the CorTalent Connects Podcast (hosted by Laura King and produced by Solar Powered Studios).

IntroCorTalent Connects Podcast
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What is your favorite thing to do in the sun?

"Host unforgettable beach parties on Lake Michigan with my collective, Be Positive Productions."

Sam Perko

Aesthetics Designer, SEO Specialist, Website/Branding Specialist

A passionate designer and experienced marketing professional, Sam brings her love of aesthetics and SEO to the Solar Powered Studios team. She loves to design spaces both online and off, and uses her digital expertise to bring to those spaces the traffic they deserve.

Sam designed the studio space, website, and branding for Solar Powered Studios. Her consultancy, Casa Del Sol Designs, aids our podcast clients in website creation and online marketing to drive traffic and increase the reach of their projects.


Learn more about Sam at casadelsoldesigns.com

Solar Powered Studios Sam Steinbring Perko