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custom music editing

for performers

We specialize in providing custom music and song edits for fine arts performers. No matter the act, we will work with you to create a custom music selection that incorporates your personality, enhances your choreography, and strengthens your character. Custom music edits are perfect for:​

  • Dance Teams/Dance Classes

  • Cheer Teams

  • POMS Squads

  • STEP Teams/STEP Class

  • Hip Hop Dance Crews

  • Aerial Performances

  • Circus Acts

  • Talent Shows

  • Burlesque

  • Chair Dances

featured client

rebel surprise
Mysterious Devil IntroMashed by Solar Powered Studios
00:00 / 00:48

He got my project done in lightening speed and his rates were very reasonable too. I highly recommend him for any music needs you might have. Especially if you are a performer in need of some music splicing and mixing.

Rebel Surprise, Burlesque Performer

Belly Dancer
Belly Dancer

what are the benefits of custom music for my performance?

Cut or extend songs to the required length

You can make your performance stand out by using multiple songs in the same piece

Inspire greater character creation and advanced choreography

Include performer introductions in your music, eliminating the cringes caused by a cheesy MC

Enhance your theme and personality with added effects

Altered tempos can sync better with your choreography and increase the drama

how to get your custom music


Start with a custom music deposit via the shop below. Not ready yet? Contact us with details about your performance (type of act, goals for the performance, style, etc...) and any questions you have, and we'll make we are on the same page.


Once we receive your deposit, we'll email you to schedule a consultation where we'll discuss your goals for the act; the songs, sound, style, and effects (FX) you want included; choreography and synchronization; production schedule; budget, and licensing requirements. Once the project is defined, we'll get to work on your custom music.

review draft

We will quickly complete a draft of your custom music and send to you for feedback. After incorporating your feedback into the draft, we will polish the piece and send to you for approval.


Your custom mix, mashup, or edit will be delivered as a downloadable file and/or streaming link. There is no limit on revisions and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.


Each project is unique and requires personalized attention. The cost of your project depends on the material involved, the production schedule, the complexity of the piece, and licensing requirements (if any). We will work with you during the consultation to establish a fair price for your project.


While pricing is variable, products start at:

  • $30 for simple edits

  • $50+ for mashups and complex works

  • $100+ for long projects and DJ mixes

Get started today with a $20 deposit or contact us for more info.

cheerleading and dance squad music

Mashup Samplers
Mashup Samplers
dancing in purple pants

2000's pop mashup sampler

00:00 / 01:39

Mixed by botanicus

dancing in purple pants

Dance mashup sampler

00:00 / 01:46

Mixed by botanicus

Custom Music Contact
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