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Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and Mastering are the last steps in the production process and are critical to producing a quality record. Solar Powered Studios will help your tracks achieve their highest potential.


Learn more by reading the FAQ.


$120 - $150 for mixing vocals with a single-track instrumental

$150 - $200 for mixing multi-track arrangements

$30 for quick mastering, $50 for premium mastering

Contact us for a quote.

Mixing Samples
Watercolor Leaves

Hannah Lane -

So Much Beauty

Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Hired for Mixing/Mastering/Special FX

Before Mixing and Mastering

After Mixing and Mastering

matthew schmidt -

take on the world

Genre: Indie/Alternative
Hired for Mixing and Mastering

Before Mixing and Mastering

After Mixing and Mastering


delain -

voices in stereo

Before Mixing and Mastering

After Mixing and Mastering

Watercolor Shape
Genre: Tech House
Hired for Mixing and Mastering

botanicus & monte blau -

deep and true

Genre: Jazzy Drum and Bass
Hired for Mixing

After Mixing

Before Mixing

Watercolor Leaves
Mastering Samples

dan Laino -
in the grove

Genre: Deep House

Before Mastering

After Mastering

Image by Lee  Campbell

dtok -


Genre: Techno

After Mastering

Before Mastering

Purple Smoke
Image by Claudio Testa

ekonexus -

lunar nodes

Genre: Psychedelic 

Before Mastering

After Mastering

Watercolor Shape

dan Laino -
dance (Tony fuel mix)

Genre: Soulful House

After Mastering

Before Mastering

Mixing FAQ


Should I purchase mixing and mastering or just mastering?

We provide free pre-mix/master consultations to discuss your project. If you need trained ears to mix your track - we got you. If you are confident in your mixdown, then your song is ready for mastering. If you are unsure about your mix, we will evaluate it and provide our recommendations.

Why would I choose Solar Powered Studios to mix/master my song?

Our engineers have graduated from Slam Academy's Mixing/Mastering and Sound Design programs. Our works have appeared on record labels such as S&S, Phunk Junk, Comsmography, Down Right Dirty, and 4Matt Productions. We have experience in many genres. We apply mathematical knowledge to achieve technical precision. And most importantly, we offer an unmatched level of personalized service; we pay greater attention to the needs and fine details of your music than budget studios or instant mastering services. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

How do I send you my files?

Compress all of the files into a single .zip file then upload to WeTransfer, DropBox, or Google Drive. Send a download link to

How do I prepare my song for Mixing?

Please organize and label all channels clearly. Render all stems in .wav or .aif format with 16-bit depth and 44100 Hz Sample rate (24-bit/48000+ Hz is better). Compress all of the files into a single .zip file then upload.

What if I have other questions?

Please contact us so I can answer all your questions.

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