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Client Spotlight - Dan Laino

Dan Laino jumped onto the house scene with a plethora of record-label releases in 2020 and 2021. His compositions, mastered by Solar Powered Studios, have been signed to a multitude of labels including Delve Deeper, Bubble 'N' Twist, Plastik People, Friday Rush, Smashing Trax, Phunk Junk, Deep Fix, and more.

Born in Germany, Dan started playing percussion instruments at an early age. He moved to the United States with his family when he was 11 years old and soon started playing in marching band and mastering the drumset. In the late 80’s, Dan began curating his tastes by splicing mixtapes for friends and mixing records at parties. With skills and mounting experience, Dan was signed to Phadid Entertainment (Minneapolis), where he contributed to many artists and toured with the hip-hop groups Mayhem and Different Shades of Soul. He produced for others under-the-radar for many years until his signing with Phunk Junk Records in Chicago in 2018. He became great friends with the label boss, Larry Layton (SALADIN), and is now on the team for A+R at the label.

Dan’s experiences as a life-long musician formed the framework for his evolution into the Producer and DJ we know today. Dan blends the most savory elements of disco, funk, soul, breakbeat, hip hop, and R&B to create his very own distinctive house sound. The wide range of skills, experiences, and musical sensibilities can be heard in his productions and experienced at one of his live sets.

Check out Dan’s upcoming release on Delve Deeper Records, mastered by Solar Powered Studios: Close to Time EP

Here is a clip from the song "Time"

We are incredibly thankful to Dan for supporting the launch of Solar Powered Studios with consistent mastering projects. He was one of our first mastering clients and has grown to be our biggest legacy supporter. To get another set of ears on his productions in progress, Dan frequently asks for feedback on projects that are near the mastering stage. We love giving free premaster consultations and believe it helps contribute to the best possible final product. We have developed a wonderful working relationship with Dan built on trust and honest feedback - we could not be more thankful.

Listen to Dan’s songs and mixes on Traxsource, Soundcloud, and Mixcloud.

Q&A with Dan:

What were you looking for when hiring Solar Powered Studios?

“Great Mastering”

What factors led you to choose Solar Powered Studios for your mastering projects?

“Nick has an incredible ear"

What is your favorite thing to do in the sun?

“Go on hikes and be on the boat.”

What else is coming up for you?

"Releases on Plastik People Digital, collabs with SMHRS and Vanessa Jackson and a hip-hop artist Kid Astronaut, and a release with Larry Peace on Disco Balls Records."

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