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solar powered studios

Now Open!

Our Studio

“Solar Powered Studios delivered a highly thought out and seamless mix that was both professional and creative!”

Deborah Swanson

about us

Solar Powered Studios is a full-service audio production studio powered by the sun. We are located in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Our mission is to deliver pristine quality audio production services without environmental impact. Our Saint Paul, MN studio offers a relaxing and comforting atmosphere for podcast, audiobook, and music recordings.


We are the producers for many critically-acclaimed podcasts, including The SpiritWoke Podcast and Faith Inspired Podcast. We have been involved in various aspects of production of many podcasts.

We have recorded and produced audiobooks for Inner Traditions - Bear & Company.

Our mixing and mastering works have appeared on record labels such as S&S, Delve Deeper, Tibetania, Plastik People, Phunk Junk, Comsmography, Down Right Dirty, and 4Matt Productions.

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